Loving people with the heart of Christ in the heart of Wabash.

Philippians 2:3-5

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Vehicles of Grace

“For a long time, I thought my children were a distraction from the work God was doing in my life and in the world around me. I am starting to realize they ARE the work God is doing in my life. They are the invitation to give, to receive, to [...]

What Do You Practice?

With the fall has come a change in the routine. My daughter and I are both adjusting back to the school schedule and figuring out what we are going to commit ourselves to this season. The thing is, change is challenging. Even when it’s good. Our routines, our practices, shape [...]

A Word to the Crushed

Can you imagine becoming king when you were eight years old? What second grader do you know who accepts responsibility for their own actions, let alone is ready to accept responsibility for an entire kingdom? Intrigued as I am by Josiah’s early years as king, the moment that captures my [...]

When Jesus Says “No”

It must have been hard, returning home. Everyone knew what his life had been like for the past several years. Living in a cemetery would do that, I suppose.  Tattered clothes. Anguished screams. I imagine he dared not dwell on the things he might have done that had been out [...]

Moment by Moment

It was during our first season of Community Meals that I watched my daughter become comfortable with the people of WPC. Sure, we had seen everyone on Sunday mornings at worship, but something about the casual environment on Wednesday nights freed her to not just wave to you, but begin [...]

Recapturing Godly Imagination

Families in the Bible aren’t so different from the families of today. There were single families, blended families, widows, singles, multi-generational homes, and adoptions. They had fights, disagreements, and misunderstandings. And many times, these families were messy. But can we learn something from them that can encourage and strengthen us [...]

What’s in a Name?

Meet our new little guy. His name is Hero. Super Hero, to be more precise. My daughter named him before we even brought him home. I know what you’re thinking. Hero is a pretty ironic name for this tiny teacup Chihuahua. But I think it’s actually pretty perfect. Because every [...]

The Art of Confession

Hanani. Jozabad. Jarib. Eliezer. Aziza. Benaiah. These names may not mean much to you, but these men have become my mentors in the practice of confession and repentance. You see, these guys – along with 105 others – are listed in the Bible because they sinned. Coming Face to Face [...]

Why Do I Hate My Neighbor?

Hate our neighbor? Surely, we are better than that! It’s not like we set out to ruin other people’s lives. We don’t spend our days wishing them to be miserable. In fact, we usually don’t think about them at all. Ah, yes… but herein lies our sin. We don’t think about [...]

From Peter

Peter paused in his letter writing and stretched out his hand. He was writing to his friends about how to live for Christ and serve others. As he thought about what he wanted to say next, his mind went back to that moment he sat with his friends James and [...]


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