Loving people with the heart of Christ in the heart of Wabash.

Philippians 2:3-5

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Bed check time. As a Resident Assistant in college, it was one of the duties I either looked forward to or dreaded, depending on what type of day I had. I enjoyed getting the chance to catch up with my girls, hear about their days, etc. But there were some [...]

Strengthened and Encouraged

It was time. Tucked away in the wilderness and surrounded by hundreds of discontented, yet devoted men, David paced around the camp. He knew that King Saul was coming after him. Though bitter and jealous of his servant and son-in-law David for years, something had finally clicked, setting Saul’s revenge [...]

A Holy Awareness

“Do you hear that?” my daughter asked with a look of wonder on her face. “Hear what?” I whispered, leaning in conspiratorially. I figured she was just playing one of her games and, hey, I wanted to play, too! Then she started singing like she was echoing someone else, “Jesus [...]

Pure Courage

“The zoo will open this Saturday,” the radio DJ said on my way into work this morning. Despite the number of times I’ve been to the Fort Wayne Zoo and the hours I’ve spent there both as a child and as an adult, my memory always goes back to one [...]


I held the peach in my hand. Was this a good one? I asked myself. What made a peach good? Was it supposed to be soft or firm? Oh well, I thought, and I placed it in the cart. I ran my eyes down the list in my hand: peaches, [...]


When was the last time you were found? A conversation with a friend this week reminded me of the big “I’m lost!” moment of my life. I was a sophisticated 4- or 5-year-old gal. We were at Disney World. Yep, you heard me right. I got lost at Disney World. We [...]

Laugh Whenever Possible

It was the first time it had ever happened. Even now, I can’t believe it. It was so bizarre. I woke up laughing. Night terrors naturally startle us awake with our hearts thumping like overworked water pumps and our lungs gasping for the oxygen that will calm us down. When [...]

Flying by Faith

“Watch out for the car!” she shouted. We were standing in the parking lot getting ready to cross the main drive to enter the store, and my daughter saw a car. But… we were in a parking lot. There were a lot of cars sitting still, but none moving anywhere [...]

Just Like Jesus

It’s hard not to feel like a failure sometimes. I try to eat healthy foods, yet find myself chowing down on those delicious treats that “count as fruit” because they have a handful of raisins in them. I try to be a good mom, but when the day is long [...]

The Heart of Epaphras

Epaphras could hear Paul dictating the letter from across the room. A letter to his friends back home. Oh, how he missed them. He couldn’t return to them now. When he had come to visit the imprisoned Paul in Rome, he didn’t realize that he, too, would be arrested. And [...]


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