Loving people with the heart of Christ in the heart of Wabash.

Philippians 2:3-5


Singing through Advent

Join us throughout the Advent Season for our series “Singing through Advent: Because some news is so good, it has to be sung!” Sermons and Devotions During our Sunday morning services at 10am, we will look at four songs written to celebrate our Savior’s birth: the Prophet’s Song Zechariah’s Song [...]

WPC Alive | December 2014

Here is the December issue of WPC Alive. Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Singing Advent “With all the great songs of the season, some of the most helpful for our preparation are the Advent songs in the Bible.” Community & Missions | Open Homes “What stands in the way of [...]

WPC Alive | October 2014

Here is the October issue of WPC Alive. Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Rooted and Built Up “With a solid foundation and roots that hold fast, we are released to be people of gratitude, because of the abundance from which God has provided our every need.” Community & Missions | [...]

WPC Alive | September 2014

Here is the September issue of WPC Alive. Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Pressing Forward “When opportunities to do something great come along, will we be ready to respond and rise to our calling?” Community | Ways to Build Community as Church Members What you can do to build [...]

WPC Alive | August 2014

Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Vital Friendships “It is now among you that my ministry of mercy and grace will move out, and it will be manifest in relationships of care and friendship.” Community & Missions | Safe “They’ve been told that their mere presence is enough, that it’s [...]

WPC Alive December 2013 Newsletter

Inside, you’ll find: • Pastor’s Desk | The End is the Beginning “Advent is an opportunity to slow down and savor the journey.” • Community & Missions | Invite Others to Join Us in Remembering Christ’s Birth Our Advent Devotional and a list of our special Christmas services for the [...]

WPC Alive November 2013 Newsletter

Inside, you will find: • Pastor’s Desk | The Almighty’$ Dollar “In God’s economy, when we invest in seeing the Kingdom grow, our lives become infinitely richer.” • Mission Minded “She serves them because she sees people rightly – as image-bearers of God.” • Christmas Jubilee 2013 How you can get involved • Cheerful [...]

WPC Alive October 2013 Newsletter

Inside, you’ll find: • Pastor’s Desk | Bubbles “[Bubbles] are moments that gently remind us when we are not abiding in the vine, when we are not allowing the life of Christ to radiate through us.” • Community & Mission | How We Are Reaching Out into Our Community Five [...]

WPC Alive September 2013 Newsletter

Inside, you will find: • Pastor’s Desk | Prayer and Our Daily Rhythms Nehemiah provides a better model for thinking of the life of prayer and the ordinary daily rhythms of living the faith. • Community & Missions | How to Actively Love the Next Generation There is a generation [...]

WPC Alive August 2013 Newsletter

Inside, you will find: • Pastor’s Desk | Sea Changes In times past, the Youth Ministry ratio was 1:5 (one adult to every five students). What if we reversed that ratio and were known as a 5:1 body (five adults to every one student)? • Using Your Dining Room Table [...]


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