Loving people with the heart of Christ in the heart of Wabash.

Philippians 2:3-5


WPC Alive | August 2015

Here is the August 2015 issue of WPC Alive. Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | The Power of One “One person… committed to a worthy cause… fully engaged… can change the world.” Community & Missions Update from the Thammavongsa Family Special New | Togetherhood Learn how you get serve our [...]

WPC Alive | July 2015

Here is the latest issue of the WPC newsletter (see attached). Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Remembering “When we gather together as church, retell the stories of God, and meet one another at the Lord’s Table, we remember who we are as God’s people.” Community & Missions | Everyone [...]

Mission Trip Team | Projects

Here’s an overview of how the week started for our team in West Virginia: Monday – Worked at the trailer home of a single mother of three who needed a new window, new front and back doors, stairs, and roof repair. Tuesday – Put a railing on the deck at [...]

Mission Trip Team | Arrived!

Our mission adventure has hardly begun, with not even a single swing of the hammer already we’ve had an eventful trip. Saturday afternoon we found out Dan Early would not be able to make the trip. Down a team member and a vehicle we faced a challenge to be solved: [...]

Mission Trip Team | Preparing to Leave

The WPC team is leaving this Sunday, June 14th, for their trip. They will be joining a World Servants group (about 60 others) to serve in Flemington, West Virginia. The trip is Sunday, June 14th to Saturday, June 20th. Trip Info Team Members: Jonathan Cornell Kyle Kerr Dan Early (replaced by [...]

WPC Alive | June 2015

Attached is the June issue of WPC Alive. Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | In Praise of the Process “God takes joy in the ordinary limitations of being human.” Community & Missions Learn how you can pray for the WPC Missions Trip team. Teaching Kids about the Holy Spirit “We [...]

WPC Alive | May 2015

Here is the latest edition of the WPC Alive newsletter. Inside you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Dancing with God We grow into our God-breathed purpose as a community by becoming more intentionally Trinitarian in our life together. Community & Missions Can’t go on the summer missions trip, but want to [...]

WPC Alive | April 2015

Here is the newsletter for April 2015. Inside, you will find: Pastor’s Desk | Easter Baskets and Bibles “Every so often, God rolls back the curtain.” Community & Missions Holy Week Prayer Vigil Dig Deeper | A Routine That Works “Routines are good for kids, and they’re good for us. [...]

WPC Alive | March 2015

Here is the newsletter for March 2015. Inside, you will find: Pastor’s Desk | Wrong Turns to Right Places “Life presents a series of problems. Will we address them, or try to avoid them?” Community & Missions Summer Mission Trip & One Great Hour of Sharing Dig Deeper | Structures [...]

WPC Alive | February 2015

Want the latest and greatest from WPC? Here’s the latest edition of WPC Alive. Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Trouble May Come; God Remains Faithful “All the water of all the oceans cannot sink a ship unless it gets inside.” Community & Missions | Meals Embody Our Mission “Few [...]


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