Loving people with the heart of Christ in the heart of Wabash.

Philippians 2:3-5


WPC Alive | September 2014

Here is the September issue of WPC Alive. Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Pressing Forward “When opportunities to do something great come along, will we be ready to respond and rise to our calling?” Community | Ways to Build Community as Church Members What you can do to build [...]

WPC Alive | August 2014

Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Vital Friendships “It is now among you that my ministry of mercy and grace will move out, and it will be manifest in relationships of care and friendship.” Community & Missions | Safe “They’ve been told that their mere presence is enough, that it’s [...]

WPC Alive | July 2014

Inside this issue of WPC Alive, you will find: Pastor’s Desk | Tuning Our Ears “Seems we hear what we’ve become accustomed to hearing. What are the messages you are tuned-in to?” Community & Missions | It’s Hard to Love Your Neighbor “That first step wasn’t extraordinary, but it was [...]

WPC Alive | June 2014

Here is the June issue of the WPC Alive newsletter. Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | A Faith That Sticks “Where is God inviting you to lay down your life so that Christ’s message will stick in the heart of someone else?” Community & Missions | Summer Youth Connections and [...]

WPC Alive | May 2014

Here is the May 2014 issue of WPC Alive! Inside, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | How $100 Changed My Life “Authentic Christian Community gives without record, shares without keeping score, and serves without concern for status.” Community & Missions Welcome Seth & Theo, plus news about upcoming events Prayerfully Reflect [...]

WPC Alive | March 2014

Inside this issue of WPC Alive, you will find: Pastor’s Desk | It Was Meant for You “Our tradition and scripture make this tight assertion: Jesus died for our sins. You’re included. It was meant for you.” Community & Missions | Meet Aaron French Learn more about how Aaron became involved [...]

Read Through the Bible

As we go through our Inspired series, we encourage you (and challenge you) to read through the entire Bible this year. Not sure how to start? Here are some resources to help you dive into God’s Word: YouVersion This online/mobile Bible puts the Bible in your hand. You can subscribe [...]

WPC Alive | February 2014

Inside this issue of WPC Alive, you will find: Pastor’s Desk | Savor the Small Stuff “One of the greatest challenges and opportunities to growing in our relationship with the Lord is learning to walk in that deep and abiding trust that God is still good even when plans change.” [...]

WPC Alive | January 2014

Inside, you will find: – Pastor’s Desk | Kingdom Light Bearers Where is God reminding you that he’s always been present? – Engage the City Ways you can love and serve the people of Wabash – Serve One Another How has God designed you to serve in the church? – Don’t [...]

WPC Alive December 2013 Newsletter

Inside, you’ll find: • Pastor’s Desk | The End is the Beginning “Advent is an opportunity to slow down and savor the journey.” • Community & Missions | Invite Others to Join Us in Remembering Christ’s Birth Our Advent Devotional and a list of our special Christmas services for the [...]


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