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Philippians 2:3-5

Finding God in the Ordinary

How have you experienced God today?

Some days, it’s hard to find His presence. Not because He isn’t there, but because my focus is on other things, like the tasks that need to be accomplished each day. I become too busy, rushing from one thing to the next.

But as those who have gone before us teach us, and as the Bible itself teaches us, God is always with us as believers. And He invites us to draw close to Him.

“Come close.” That has been my heart’s calling over the past year—God’s sweet invitation to me to draw near to Him.

This invitation requires me to “steal away” from the crowd to find a quiet place to be with Jesus. Which, in the midst of parenthood and work life, is probably one of the most challenging things to do. It takes effort to get away, and yet this time is so vital to my soul. It is something I simply must do.

However, this invitation to “come close” also calls me to learn to see God in the midst of everyday life, because all of life is sacred, not just those quiet moments with Him or worshiping with others in a church service. But what does this look like?

First, I learn to see God in the ordinary tasks of life.

Most of us need help with this, help “unearthing God in our midst.” Esther de Waal has words of wisdom to share:

“…seek God here and now, just as I am, caught up in all the absurdly down-to-earth chores and demands which I feel trap me day by day… I should look around me and see that God does not demand the unusual, the spectacular, the heroic. It asks of me as wife, mother, housewife that I do the most ordinary, often dreary and humdrum things that face me each day, with a loving openness that will allow them to become my own immediate way to God.”

Jessica Brown expands more on this: “Parents’ lives are soaked in the material world… It is so easy to see these chores on the outskirts of holiness, or even to see them as getting in the way of real spiritual growth. The reality is they are tiresome and repetitive and sometimes soul-draining. But the reality is also that daily chores are a place, and humble items the tools, of blessedness, of meeting God and being met by him.”

Is your heart open to God as you do these tasks? Can you see Him there?

Second, I become aware of how I view God by the way I interact with others.

A common saying in the spiritual formation world is that we become like the God we worship. Lacy Borgo shared an example of how she got a glimpse into her own view of God when interacting with her children.

As a mother of young children, she became impatient with them. Know what that’s like? The edgy comments, the exasperated sighs, the quick discipline? Yet she came to realize that she actually saw God as being an impatient God. She began to see this pattern in the way she talked with Him and expected Him to respond.

How do you see God? Look at the way you interact with your kids. Ask God to reveal the way you view Him—what’s true and what’s a false idea of Him. Give Him the space and time to heal that in you.

So what about you? Are you ready to find God in the midst of the ordinary?

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