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Philippians 2:3-5

The Godly Play Philosophy (A Montessori-Based Approach)

During the school year, we use a Sunday School curriculum called Godly Play for children Pre-K through 4th grade. This program encourages children to think about faith and God on their own and encourages them to ask questions to build a strong and personal relationship with God.

Godly Play Philosophy About Children:

  • Young children already have a spiritual life of depth that adults may not understand or honor.
  • Young children can discover and use the language of religious narrative and symbol that will allow them to express themselves spiritually and “make meaning.”

About Children’s Work:

  • Children’s play is their work.
  • Children are encouraged to choose their own work during each class.
  • Teachers do not interfere with the children’s work unless the child asks for help (unless a child is unable to ask for assistance).
  • Part of the work of the community of children is the care of their own classroom environment and how they treat one another.

About Teachers and Children:

  • Teachers are guides. They are not expected to know all the answers.
  • Children are encouraged to do the work of discovering answers.
  • When a teacher takes time to listen and observe a child, the teacher can find more effective ways to lead the child into new discoveries.
  • Children are treated seriously and with deep respect.

About the Classroom Environment:

  • The Godly Play classroom is a place for children to be themselves, learn how Christians live in community, come closer to the mystery of God’s presence, and learn the language of the Christian people.
  • Respect for space and for one another is maintained in a Godly Play classroom to help the children feel safe.

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