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Philippians 2:3-5

How is God Calling You to Live?

Part of being a newly married couple, even part of starting a new year, means sitting down and thinking through some of our intentions and goals for the year:

  • What do we want our family life to look like?
  • What things are most important to us?
  • When we spend time together, what do we want to be doing? What activities or hobbies do we want to pursue as a family? What activities or hobbies do we want to pursue individually?
  • Where and how can we serve together?
  • How many nights a week do we want to be engaged with other activities?
  • What do our morning and nightly routines look like?
  • What groups do we want to participate in?
  • What relationships do we want to invest in?
  • What values and character traits do we want our children to have?
  • How much do we want to be able to give?
  • What organizations do we want to support financially?

If you have not done so yet, I would encourage you to take an afternoon and think through some of these questions. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or married, with children or without, how we handle these issues determines how our time gets spent, how much energy we have, and even how we might handle crises when they come our way.

Once we answer these questions, we can then set routines or structures in place. If we want to eliminate how much TV or screen time we get as a family, then perhaps we make it a point to play a game or go for a walk or bike ride after supper instead. If one child wants to learn more about music, then participating in a weekly music class becomes part of our schedule.

Once we answer these questions, we can then know how to respond to other invitations from others. If we’ve already determined that we want to be home as a family at least four nights a week, then we can only accept so many invitations and commitments. Then we have to start saying, “We can’t this week. Maybe another time?”

Once we answer these questions, we can then be free to live out God’s purpose for us. Because everyone may answer these questions differently, based on the season of life they’re in and what God is calling them to do. We don’t all need to squeeze into a mold of what a “good Christian life” looks like. Though there are similarities (like living with love, truth, and compassion), we are called to share God differently. Some will focus on art, others justice, and still others education. All are good!

How is God calling you to live this year?

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