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Philippians 2:3-5

Into Their World

It happened as I was waiting in line at a local restaurant. What was slated to be a boring and somewhat tedious wait to order soon became an adventure of friendship and laughter as a 1-year-old girl walked up to me and raised her hands to be held. It took just a moment for me to sit down on the floor with her and my daughter, and we started passing stickers back and forth, smiling, talking, laughing.

I’m sure the person who came and stood in line behind us thought I was a little off my rocker. At the most, he probably thought it was a little endearing. Perhaps you do, too. But oh, my friend, please don’t underestimate the power of that moment. A small child of few words invited me into her world and extended a hand of friendship. That was huge! I may have given her a small gift of my time and attention, but she gave me the far greater gift by inviting me into her world.

It’s not just about little children. It’s about those whom no one else seems to care about. The outliers. Those walking through the stores with their eyes down so they don’t have to meet your gaze. The people others turn away from. What do you do in those moments? What do you do when others invite you in?

I am taking a class this year in which we are encouraged to write a Rule of Life. One of my rules is to, as much as possible, say “yes” to personal invitations. As an introvert, this is certainly challenging! But I have come to recognize the vulnerability it takes for others to ask me to come to a special event in their lives, or even into their homes. They risk rejection, yet they ask anyway. And underneath the invitation are the hidden questions: “Do I matter to you?” “Do you care about me?”

Need I remind you that God Himself came into our world? It’s not that He remained at a distance, disgusted by our sin, but that He willingly entered into our world and lived among us. He, in some mystery we’ll never fully understand, became one of us. “The Word [Jesus] became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). Incredible!

I’m not sure what your Advent season looks like, but I encourage you to look for opportunities to be like Jesus and to enter into someone else’s world. Walk through life with them. See what their day is like, what struggles they face. Accept their invitations… and perhaps extend some of your own.

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