Loving people with the heart of Christ in the heart of Wabash.

Philippians 2:3-5

Vehicles of Grace

“For a long time, I thought my children were a distraction from the work God was doing in my life and in the world around me. I am starting to realize they ARE the work God is doing in my life. They are the invitation to give, to receive, to be humbled, to grow. They are the vehicles of grace.” (Amy Julia Becker, Small Talk)

It’s true, what Amy writes. Children have this fascinating ability to help us grow as adults. I see this in my relationship with my daughter, but also in the interactions with all the kids I work with. I learn how to:

Play (again).

Laugh freely.

See things differently or for the first time.

Be a friend.

Let my attention be consumed by one thing.

But more than that, they have given me time and space to grow as a follower of Jesus. To:

Practice patience.

Pray deeply and earnestly.


Keep things in perspective.

Imagine what God can do.

Give and share generously.

Friends, whatever kids you interact with—your own children, grandchildren, your friends’ kids, or kiddos here at church—I pray that each encounter would be a life-giving, grace-full moment where we can invite God to work in our lives.

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