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Philippians 2:3-5

What Do You Expect?

“Are you ready to hear what God might have to say to you today?” It’s one of the questions the kids hear every week as they enter the Godly Play classroom, and frankly, it’s not always one that I can say “yes” to.

Am I ready to hear what God has to say to me? Sure. I’d love to hear His words of reassurance, love, and compassion. My soul needs to be revived, my spirit refreshed, my heart encouraged. But on those days when I’m upset or frustrated, I really don’t want to hear God say, “Forgive” or “Try again” or “Keep loving them.” I’m not ready for it. I know very well what He wants me to do, but by golly, I’m not in a place to accept it yet.

Have you ever been there? Times when you’ve shied away from reading His Word or singing Him songs or coming to the gathering on Sunday mornings because you know He’s going to show up and nudge you in a direction you don’t want to go?

Or perhaps, you have a different experience. Perhaps you show up hoping to hear from God, yet not sensing Him, not hearing Him.

My friends, I have an incredible truth to share with you. God has promised to always be with us, and yet, in some mysterious way, He has also said that He will always meet us in some special ways:

  • When you read the Bible, God is there.
  • When you gather with others in His name, God is there.
  • When you serve another person, God is there.
  • When you open your home, open your heart to another person, God is there.
  • When you share communion with another believer, God is there.

Here’s the deeper question: Do you expect Him to be there? Or have these things become dead, empty, and meaningless to you?

People in the Bible expected to hear from God. “When Moses went into the Tabernacle, he knew he was entering the presence of God. The same is true of the early Church. It was not surprising to them that the building in which they met shook with the power of God. It had happened before (Acts 2:2, 4:31)” (Richard Foster). We should expect to hear from Him, too.

And so, we’re left with my original question: Are you ready to hear what God might have to say to you today?

Maybe you can go to bed Saturday night with a few minutes in your Bible and a prayer, asking God to help you get ready to hear His voice. Maybe you can leave the electronics off Sunday morning as you’re getting ready for church, or listen to some worship music to get your mind focused and heart ready. Come to church early and pray for your leaders and others who come in before the service begins. When you sit down to read the Bible, maybe you can begin with a simple prayer: “God, help me to hear You in Your Word.” When you serve in the soup kitchen, you can look around for signs of God’s presence. Learn to listen for His voice throughout the week as you go about your day.

Whatever it looks like, take time to get ready. Because when God speaks, I’m pretty sure it’s something you want to hear… even when it isn’t.

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