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Philippians 2:3-5

Global Partners

Help us support our Global Partners.

In addition to our community involvement, we also support a very special global partner, the Thammavongsa Family, which includes Sam, Jen, Autumn, Isaac, Trinity, Felicity, Catelyn, Ryan, Seth. They are serving in Laos.

Their story:

In 1979, our church agreed to sponsor a refugee family from Asia. The family we selected was from Laos. The father had been in the Laotian army and worked with the US military. When the Communists took over the country, he fled with his family to a refugee camp in Thailand. From there, the family moved to Wabash.

Nom & Pien Thammavongsa had one daughter (Khamphieng) and three sons (Vienkham, Somkieng “Smiley” and Somvang “Sam”). Khamphieng lives in Maryville, TN; Vienkham in Wabash; Smiley in Elkhart, and Sam in Vientiane, Laos.

The Thammavongsas quickly became members of the church and were mentored faithfully by WPC and community stalwarts, Phil and Evelyn Magner. Others in the church also helped Nom’s family, as they didn’t speak English and were unaccustomed to life in the United States.

Sam Thammavongsa was a mere toddler when they arrived in Wabash. He became an outstanding athlete at Wabash High School and, after graduating, moved to Fort Wayne for college. There he met his wife Jennifer. He and Jennifer started a family and later heard the call of God to take the Good News to the people of Laos. It is exciting to see this family make a full circle to return to Laos to do the Lord’s work.

Learn more and stay up to date:

Visit the Thammavongsa’s website for newsletters and prayer calendars. There, you’ll also find ways you can financially support them and contact them.