Loving people with the heart of Christ in the heart of Wabash.

Philippians 2:3-5


WPC Alive | October 2017

Inside this issue, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Unfinished Business “The very core-est of the core teachings is to love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Seems we can’t have one without the other.” Celebrating the Reformation Meet up with others throughout the community as we celebrate the 500th [...]

WPC Alive | September 2017

Inside this issue, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Even the Wind and the Waves… “Prayer enables you and me as God’s hands and feet to be mobilized.” Classes & Bible Studies Check out these upcoming opportunities for you not only to connect with others but learn more about God! Special [...]

WPC Alive | August 2017

Inside this issue, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | A Milestone Worth Celebrating “At the heart of the Reformation was a renewal of the Church’s central mission: to proclaim Jesus Christ above all.” Redefining Happy Meal Kids in Godly Play are “redefining Happy Meal” as they raise money to help feed [...]

WPC Alive | July 2017

Inside this issue, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Magnolia Blossoms “Big things have small beginnings. Abandoned houses can become beautiful again. Weary hearts, when drenched in hope, can once again find a reason to sing.” Get Creative about How You Can Support our Kids Godly Play students are “redefining Happy [...]

Broken and Beautiful

Sometimes the most beautiful things in this world come not from the unblemished, but the broken. As I stood in the gift shop at the Christmas Lutheran Church and Diyar Consortium in Bethlehem, I picked up a little cross with a dove in the middle. “Is this broken glass?” I [...]

WPC Alive | April 2017

Inside this issue, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Emerging from the Tomb “Jesus says that in order for us to rise with him to new life—as it was meant to be lived—something in us must die. That something is our self.” Providing Hope Globally Learn about two opportunities to support [...]

WPC Alive | February 2017

Inside this issue, you’ll find: Pastor’s Desk | Living Jesus’ Story “Deciding to follow Jesus means deciding to give up life on our terms and die to ourselves. And yet Jesus promises that it is in giving up our lives that we gain them.” Pray for the Cuba Team Learn [...]

WPC Alive | January 2017

Inside this issue, you’ll find: [Guest] Pastor’s Desk | First Things First “God gave us firstborn Son and the firstfruit of the Spirit. We have received his best. Let’s follow his lead.” Feed the Hungry in Wabash County Volunteer two hours of your time to help serve at the Helping [...]

Into Their World

It happened as I was waiting in line at a local restaurant. What was slated to be a boring and somewhat tedious wait to order soon became an adventure of friendship and laughter as a 1-year-old girl walked up to me and raised her hands to be held. It took [...]

Watch for Signs of Hope

Advent is a season of waiting, expecting, hoping. Beginning four Sundays prior to Christmas, Advent concludes in quiet subdued celebration on Christmas Eve. Advent helps us prepare for the coming, or “advent,” of the Christ child at Christmas. But why participate in something that doesn’t seem to match the commercial [...]


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